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US Multi National / FMCG - Evaluation and validation of a suitable logistics facility to host operation of components in a dedicated chamber of 2300m2 and usage of 6000 pallet places in multi-functional high bay storage area; Project lead to design, develop technical infrastructure, conveyors, pick gates, full pallet exits, intefaces and communication infrastructure; leadership for business implementation, ramp up and operational stabilization.

SME / Manufacturing and global provider of cabling solutions - Validatition of current partnership programs with 3PL; Identify and implement new models and partners, roll out of specific programs for Eastern Europe and distribution lanes across Europe from production sites Switzerland, Poland and Bulgaria; Implement quality improvement programs and KPI reporting with 3PL; Project assistance for correctd data maintenance for preferential origin evidences;

US Multi National / Chemicals - Assist in evaluation in design of new transport organization and related process landscape related to European material flows; Evaluate and identify best suitable electronic platform to fully automize transport execution at highest level of excellence under a 4PL solution.

US / Swiss SME / Electronics - Create awareness of customs and preferential origin regulations, analyse and adjust Supplier and Origin Data Management. Edit Standard Operating Procedures for  compliant Import and Export delivery documents. Introduce and train staff on Free Trade Agreement legislations and trade documentation regulations (e.g. FTA EU, EFTA, Euro-Med, Switzerland, China).

Swiss / French SME - Insulating materials - Analyse current partnership programs with Logistics Service Providers, Leadership a complex tender process to evaluate new 3PL Partners for a large number of FTL / LTL transports accross Europe to increase operational performance at best market price level.

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