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Manufacturing and international trade

Your company has set a clear vision, mission and strategy to produce, market and sell products and services. We identify the core logistics elements and elaborate the road map, milestones and deliverables to redesign and shape your supply chain to out-perform your rivals and to realize instant quick wins.

Your benefits: Effective and efficient project support, target harmonization accross boundries, alignment and improved communication within network Partner, effective and real time performance Monitoring based on clearly agreed KPI's

Logistics Service Providers

Your company offers traditional freight forwarding services (all modes) and wishes to further expand in value adding logistics services and supply chain areas. We provide you industry knowledge to develop your staff, be it marketing and sales or operation, to understand customers requirements and to succeeed their expectations.

Your benefits: Requirements, needs and expectations of global supply chains are shared, learned and understood in a very short period of time. Knowledge will be instantly commercialized and translated into better and qualitatively outstanding services. Customer loyality is improved fundamentally. Sales performance will improve in quality and quantity - customer satisfaction and loyality will increase.

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