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Continuous staff eduction and development is pivotal to achieve given goals. We engage since 10 years in adult eduction and will assist you in modelling and shaping focused programs to share basic logistics and supply chain expertise.

Global Supply Chain Projects: We support you in establishing a knowledge platform, in sharing your vision, mission and strategy accross boundaries with every network partner. We translate expectations and ensure quality and quantity of deliverables.

We share our knowledge of international customs regulations, preferential origin documentation and data Management, create necessary awareness and provide appropriate education materials and Standard operating procedures to ease your global trade activities.

Marketing and Sales / Service Providers: We share our proven logistics and supply chain knowledge with your staff to boost your sales performance. We assist you in RFI/RFQ processes, in editing convincing sales and tender documents as well as convincing presentation materials. Take advantage of our proven global key account manager experience gained in every high demanding industry accross the globe.

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